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05 December 2007 @ 01:18 pm
treehuggericons: Iron and Wine Batch #2  

 Subject: Iron and Wine
Batch: Batch Numero Dos
Progress: 50/100 Total
Themes: [new] Adventure, Anger, Confusion, Crying, Escape, Extraordianry, Fear, Forever, Freedom, Innuendo, Knowledge, Light, Little, Love, Lust, Mistake, Obsession, Once Upon a Time, Perspective, & Talent.
I have a link to my resources list on my page.
Info: Warning follows, my 'rules' are also on my page.

 WARNING! Includes many of the following things:
+ Nudity
+ 'Sexual Innuendo'
+ 'Bad Language' [medium/high]
+ Abstract Thought

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