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19 August 2007 @ 12:52 am
Gay and Lesbian Couples Batch 1  
Subject: Gay and Lesbian Couples
Batch: #1, 1-17
Progress: 17/100
Themes: Adventure, Anger, Backwards, Dark, Diversity, Escape, Forever, Glamour, Glee, Independant, Innuendo, Laughing, Lust, Mistake, Pretending, Pure, Snark
Credits: See the sticky post at eyesclosed_, all my resource credits are there.
Info: Comment, credit, don't hotlink, textless aren't bases (the usuals). And yes, I have a lot of textless ones (in fact they all are this batch). I used to add text to everything, so now I've gotten to the point in my challenge icons that if the picture doesn't convey the theme by itself (and isn't meant to be crack), then I did something wrong.


Full Table @ My Icon Journal
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